Monday, April 25, 2016

Little Deezas Kingston Cap

Little Deezas Kingston Cap

By Laudiaann Sylvest

Little Deezas Kingston Cap


Crochet hook I
100% Acrylic yarn of your choice
Yarn needle

Start with Color Black top of cap

Chain 6 sl st to make a ring

Row 1:  Make 3 dc,ch 1 * make 6 then sl st at top of beg first row.

Row 2: (3dc,ch1,3dc) ch 1 * around  6 

Row 3: 3dc, ch1 * around  12 

Please note: that (3dc,ch1,3dc) groups are not on top of the other through rounds 4 to 6

Row 4: (3dc,ch1,3dc) ch1, 3dc in next space, ch1 * around 6 3dc groups and 6 3dc

Row 5: (3dc,ch1,3dc) ch1, 3dc in next space, ch1, 3dc in next space, ch1 * 6 3dc groups and 12 3dc

Row 6: (3dc,ch1,3dc) ch1, 3dc in next space, ch1, 3dc in next space, ch1, 3dc in next space * 6 3dc and 18 3dc

Row 7-10

 Change to Color green side of cap

      3dc, ch1 * around 30

Row 11: 3hdc with no ch1 in between 30

 Change to Color Black starting Brim

Row 12: Sc all around

Row 13: 5 sc, dec * around

Row 14: 4 sc, dec * around

Row 15: 3 sc, dec * around

Row 16 and 17 sc around

Change to color green to finish brim edging

Row 18 sc around

Row: 19 revere sc around and end


Copyright 2016 by LittleDeezasCrochet. Do not distribute or sell pattern to others or
post it on the internet. You may sell items you make with this pattern at craft
fairs or to friends and family but please do not sell items made with this pattern
on the internet without prior permission.

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