Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make these lovely book-markers

Are you a book lover and love to crochet? Or maybe you have several book lovers in your family?  Why not crochet some bookmarks for everyone?  This shelled bookmark is fun and easy to crochet and would also make a great starter project for a beginning or young crochet enthusiast.  Make several bookmarks in your favorite colors. Mix and match colors any way you choose to create bookmarks in school colors, sports team colors, or holiday colors.  Unleash your creativity!

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Size 30 Thread of any color you want, Size 1.3 Crochet hook, and any color of ribbon you choose.

Abbreviations Key:
CH = Chain
SK = Skip
DC = Double Crochet
SP(s) = Space(s)bookmark

Base: Ch 13
Row 1: SK 2 sps, In next sp (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC), Sk 4 sps, In next sp (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC), SK 4 sps, in next sp (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC), CH 3, turn.
Row 2:* SK to CH 2 sp, In Ch 2 sp (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC), Rep 2 times from *, Ch 3 turn.
Row 3-21: Rep row 2
Row 22: * SK to ch 2 sp, In Ch 2 sp 6 DC, Rep from * 2 times, Tie off hide string.

Take 25” of ribbon and weave in and out of the bookmark by going up one side of bookmark and back down as shown.
Make one for every book you own!

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